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Spring Forward with this Vehicle Maintenance CheckList

Spring Forward with this Vehicle Maintenance CheckList

Agape Auto Winter to springWith Spring knocking on our door here is a checklist for your mechanical vehicle maintenance to ensure your car is in peak condition.

Agape Auto Oil and Water1) Oil and filter:  The general rule with oil and filters is 6 months or 5000 miles to change the oil on your car. When oil is heated inside the engine of your vehicle the oil begins to break down and the chemical composition made to lubricate and protect the moving parts will become less effective. Having a professional check your oil is advantageous because they can determine if there is anything wrong with the color of the oil. The color of oil will change if there is water present. This means the top end (antifreeze side) and the bottom end (oil side) are mixing together. They can also see if there are any metal shavings or loose particles from the engine in the oil. If a professional catches these symptoms during a routine oil change you can spare catastrophic failure of your engine.

2) Battery: Batteries will eventually stop holding a charge. Getting your battery tested is the best way to prevent getting stranded.

3) Coolant: During the extreme weather changes the hoses in the coolant system can become brittle leading to cracking, and rupturing the hoses and leaking coolant. Leaking coolant can also be from a water pump, radiator, or reservoir. Check with a professional for a coolant system pressure test to ensure your vehicle is working at optimal capabilities.

4) Air Conditioning System: There are a lot of mechanisms that make up the air conditioning system. Before you are stuck in excessive heat take your vehicle to a professional to test the air conditioning system. They will be able to discern if the system needs to be recharged or if parts need to be replaced.

Agape Auto Engine5) Belts and Hoses: Belts and hoses become worn and will eventually fail. Inspect all hoses for cracks, wear marks or tears. Inspect the belts for fraying or cracking. Replace these is you see these signs of wear.

6) Shocks and Struts: If you hit the roof of the car when you hit a bump than you need to replace the shocks and struts in your vehicle. A professional can determine if these parts need to be replaced.

Professionals are available to answer questions and provide diagnostics to ensure that the car that you are driving is keeping you safe and keeping you going.Agape Auto Sign


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