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Escape the Summer Heat by servicing your Auto A/C System

Escape the Summer Heat by servicing your Auto A/C System

Agape Auto Summer heatThe sun is beating down; the heat is sweltering and your cars A/C is blowing hot air! We have all been is this situation where you can’t escape the heat of summer. It is important this spring to bring your vehicle to a technician so they can service your air conditioning system. It takes less than 20 minutes on a 90 degree day for the inside of a vehicle to get over 160 degrees. This temperature is deadly. Without the ability to cool down your body you could risk heat stroke, or heat exhaustion. It is especially important to have working A/C if you have small children because it will affect them a lot faster than an adult.

Agape Auto Cold Air ConditioningWith that being said when you bring your vehicle into a technician for servicing they will make a visual inspection of the lines, hoses seals and other sources of leaks. They will check the operation of the A/C compressor and inspect the belt for damage or cracking. Often times all the A/C system needs is a boost and a technician will recharge the system with refrigerant but other scenarios could be that a compressor or belt needs to be replaced.

Keep cool and keep going this summer by making an appointment today to get your A/C system checked and working properly.

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