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Signs You Need A Fuel System Service

Signs You Need A Fuel System Service

Signs You Need A Fuel System Service

To ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly it is very important that you maintain it to prevent any future problems. One of the most important routine services that you should do is changing the oil. However, there are many other routine services that also need to be done to ensure that your engine continues running properly so you can avoid the hassle and cost of breaking down. One of the biggest components of your vehicle is your fuel system and it is vital that this system be maintained regularly. One of the most simple and affordable things that you can do to ensure that your fuel system stays in great shape is to have the system cleaned. This small step can prevent you from some serious issues down the road.  


Problem Signs

If you work to properly maintain your vehicle, and fuel system specifically, it can help catch more common issues, like build up on components or faulty sensors. Build up seems like a very minor issue, however, it can cause major problems, especially if not dealt with promptly. For example, buildup can cause parts in your vehicle to degrade, stop working, or even clogging which can cause the system from operating the way it should. We highly recommend that you check your vehicle for any of the following signs that a fuel system cleaning is needed. 


  • Starts roughly
  • Shudders when idling
  • Loses power when going uphill or towing
  • Slow engine response when pressing the gas pedal
  • Slow acceleration
  • Servicing Your Vehicle


The Process

When we take our vehicles into the shop we don’t really understand what they’re doing, or why. So today we will be explaining what our technicians are actually doing when they are performing a fuel system cleaning service. First, our technicians will carefully look over the system and make sure that all of your vehicles parts are cleaned properly as well as maintained, by using a comprehensive fuel system cleaning process. This process is what allows our technicians to properly clean your vehicles systems without damaging any of the delicate parts. Below are some of the steps our technician’s do as they work through the cleaning process. 


Clean the Injectors

Many people don’t really understand how fuel injectors work. Fuel injectors take the gasoline in your vehicle and essentially turn it into a light mist. Fuel injectors often get dirt, debris, and other particles lodged inside which can clog them and prevent them from working. So it require extremely careful work to properly clear them of any dirt and debris that they may have stuck in them. Thankfully with our process, all dirt, debris, and particles will be completely removed. Fuel injectors should be cleaned roughly about every 30,000 miles. 


Clean the Varnish From the Valves

If your valves have varnish on them, it could affect if they properly operate. This happens because the varnish can cause the valves to stick, and also creates a layer that doesn’t allow them to create a proper seal. So, another step in this process is to clean the valves and seals carefully. 


Add Fuel Additive

One of the last steps in this process is to add fuel additive. Fuel additive goes inside of your fuel tank to help eliminate moisture from your system, while still maintaining the injectors and other parts of the system, to extend the longevity of your system. 


Schedule a Cleaning Today


Our technicians will follow these steps and ensure you leave with a clean, safe, and healthy vehicle. This process is done very delicately with care, and attention, as well as proper tools, to ensure that also no damage is done to your vehicle. We also use top quality BG products in a large majority of our services to provide you with the best experience possible. A simple cleaning can ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently. If you aren’t sure when to schedule a cleaning, call into our shop and we will help create a plan to maintain your vehicle that includes a fuel system cleaning. The BG Ethanol Fuel System Defender Service defends fuel system components against the harmful effects of ethanol-containing fuel. That means better gas mileage, better performance and long-lasting fuel system protection.


Agape Auto Service prides ourselves on having the most qualified technicians to work on your vehicle while also using the top quality equipment and products. Agape Auto Services uses BG Products to protect you, your family, and your vehicle. If you’re experiencing any issues with your fuel system’s performance or would just like a routine inspection of your vehicle to prevent any issues, give us a call today or click here to make an appointment.