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Check Engine Light on in Southern Maryland?

Check Engine Light on in Southern Maryland?

    Check Engine LightCheck Engine Light

Year after year, cars become more advanced, more powerful, more miles per gallon, and better technology. However, with all of this being said, your vehicle is also becoming more complex. Old electrical and mechanical systems that were used before are now being replaced with newer systems, that are much more advanced, these newer systems are faster and more accurate than past systems.


However, just like most other things, vehicle parts and systems eventually wear out, and the only way your vehicle can alert you that something is wrong is with a little light. Even if your vehicle seems to be running without any difficulties, continuing to drive with the check engine light on is not a poor decision. These signals might not always seem so important, but they are. We may continue driving with a light on and go on as if everything is fine, but there could be a more serious, and potentially even dangerous issue going on.


Other than storing diagnostic trouble codes, which a highly experienced Maryland auto diagnostic technician will use to begin his assessment of your vehicle, the engine soon light typically shows that the engine is running in what most mechanics refer to as limp mode. Limp mode essentially means, the engine runs, but it doesn’t properly or effectively give the performance or fuel economy you should have.


Depending on what is causing your vehicle to fail, continuing to drive with the engine light flashing is especially not recommended, because this shows the fault may possibly be causing both expensive and collateral damage to the catalytic converters. Which costs you not only money but also time, and in many instances, transportation as well. Regular maintenance and getting issues resolved as soon as they occur are part of your responsibility as a driver. Driving on the road with any type of service light on is not only dangerous to yourself but dangerous to anyone else in the car, as well as other drivers on the road. In this article today we will be talking more specifically about what your engine light being on really means, as well as what you should do if this occurs, and why.


Reliable Engine Light Repair in Maryland

If your vehicle check engine light, which also may commonly be referred to as the malfunction indicator lamp or service engine soon light, lights up while you’re driving. We highly recommend that you make an appointment with a highly experienced Maryland auto service shop as soon as possible to have it properly diagnosed and repaired. In the Maryland area, Agape Auto Service technicians use the most modern and efficient equipment in auto diagnostic technology to properly assess exactly why the engine light is illuminated. It could potentially be something as simple as a broken wire, however, it could also be something much more complex and potentially even dangerous, such as a faulty sensor. This issue, unfortunately, isn’t something any code reader or mechanic from the internet can properly diagnose or tell you, not even this website.


For the best check engine light diagnosis and repair, Agape Auto Service has the right tools, parts, and technicians. Locating reliable auto repair is easy! Stop by Agape Auto Service, 44055 Airport View Dr, Hollywood, MD 20636, or give us a call at, (301) 373-3537, or schedule an appointment online.


How Does Agape Auto Service do Service Engine Soon Light Repair?

A highly experienced technician, using trusted and efficient testing methods, can narrow down the reason your vehicle may need a repair, repairing it the proper way the first time. Once the issue(s) have been resolved by our technicians, and the codes are cleared, your car will be returned good as new, just like how it was made: efficient and reliable.


For many of our neighbors in the Maryland area, the check engine light might appear as something unknown. After all, not everyone would like to be a repair technician, however, you don’t have to be confused by the engine light any longer. Agape Auto Service says, “We’ll take care of that,” including the service engine soon light and even the check engine light. While of course, no one want’s any of these issues to occur, unfortunately, they do. We strive to take care of these issues promptly and efficiently so that it is done correctly the first time around. If you are unfortunately experiencing these issues with your automobile, or any other problems, including AC performance problems…

Call or stop into Agape Auto Service to have them checked out.

If you’re still asking yourself “Why should I choose your shop?” Well here are a few advantages of using our business.


  • Fast – same day service, always our goal.
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