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Exterior Vehicle Maintenance: Prepare for Spring Showers

Exterior Vehicle Maintenance: Prepare for Spring Showers

You have braved the cold, the snow and the ice and now it is time to prepare for the spring showers and summer sun. Here is a checklist for your vehicle maintenance focusing on the exterior of your car.

Agape Auto Replacing Windshield WipersWindshield Wipers: It is important to check the windshield wipers on your vehicle periodically. The rubber membrane can become cracked or torn. The membrane can become completely separated from the frame of the windshield wiper blade. Visibility is crucial to maintain on your vehicle. With the spring showers that bring May flowers approaching make sure that you check your cars wiper blades and replace them accordingly.

Agape Auto Penny TestTire Pressure and Tread: Running your vehicle at low tire pressures and little to no tread is a dangerous gamble. You can blow out your tires, bend rims and inevitable crash. Inside the door jamb of your vehicle is the suggested air pressure for your tires. Another crucial rule is the penny tread test: if you can see all of Abraham Lincoln’s head than you need new tire. If your tires are bulging, appear cracked, or you feel the car shake while you drive see a professional immediately.

Car Wash: There is nothing like a clean car. The winter weather can be rough on the undercarriage and paint of your vehicle. Washing your car regularly will increase the longevity of your parts and maintain a higher retail value.

Agape Auto Paint DamagePaint Damage and Waxing: Paint damage needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Rust is the cancer of cars and even a little scratch down to bare metal can cause a vast amount of damage. The rust will form under the paint and you won’t notice it until it is too late. Waxing your car regularly (and properly) can prevent damage from the sun and other natural elements.

Brakes and rotors: Make sure to bring your vehicle into a maintenance shop to get your brake pads and rotors checked. It is better to get them changed ahead of schedule than to wait until they don’t work anymore. If you hear squealing or a metal scraping on metal noise when you are applying the brake see a professional immediately to prevent an accident.

Fluid Puddles: Fluid puddles are an indicator of a larger problem. If you are noticing fluid puddles underneath your car then it is time to make an appointment with a professional.

Agape Auto Spring CruisingCruise in style and safety this spring once you have completed this checklist.