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What Is Roadside Assistance?

What Is Roadside Assistance?

What Is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is when a service professional comes to you when you are stuck on the road to make minor mechanical repairs in order to get your car going again. There is a very long list of things that can go wrong with your vehicle, at any given time, that’s why roadside assistance is a wonderful service. 


Types Of Roadside Assistance Services 

If your vehicle is beyond any repair that a roadside assistance technician can do to safely get you back on the road, then you will need one of the many other roadside assistance services that we have listed below. 


Towing – If your vehicle is unable to be driven safely and efficiently again then unfortunately you will need a towing service. Depending on your provider for roadside assistance, they will most likely tow your vehicle to a nearby automotive shop, as long as it’s within a certain amount of miles. If it happens that you need your vehicle to be towed more than the allowed limit, they will not leave you stranded, however, they will charge you extra. 


Battery Jump – Another alternative is a battery jump start, which will be an attempt to start the battery unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual. For example, if you drive an electric car, you should immediately check your owner’s manual, because they are extremely different than most other vehicle’s on the road and many roadside assistance providers are lacking qualified service professionals for that specific type of vehicle. Usually, if you own a hybrid vehicle, which powers an electric motor over to a gasoline engine, you would not likely ever need a jump start. 


Flat Tires – Unfortunately, flat tires can occur anywhere and anytime, which can often leave you stranded if you don’t have a spare, or don’t know how to change it. Thankfully if you have roadside assistance, it should cover that as well. Usually a service profession will come to your location and replace your tire with either your spare or will require one to change it and get you on the road again. Unfortunately, roadside assistance most likely will not cover a flat tire for a motorcycle or any other two or three wheel vehicle. 


Lockout Service – Sometimes we’re so lost in our own world that, the next thing we know, is that we’re locked out of our vehicle. This isn’t a fun situation to be in. Thankfully, your roadside assistance will provide a technician to you when you cannot gain entry to your vehicle. However, if a technician is unable to gain entry to your vehicle using a pump wedge or long reach tool to unlock the door, a locksmith will be called and brought in. Depending on your roadside assistance provider, the locksmith’s cost may be covered, partially covered, or not covered at all. 


Fuel Delivery Service – Ever run out of gas while driving? If so, you should definitely consider getting roadside assistance. Roadside assistance will send a service profession with enough fuel to get you to the nearest gas station. Some roadside assistance providers do charge for fuel. However, the provider is more likely to look at the local pump price to determine the fee for the stranded motorist.


BG On The Road® roadside assistance is complimentary with the purchase of BG Automotive Maintenance Services at participating shops! BG On The Road® roadside assistance is available in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada and offers up to $100 USD in roadside assistance per event, except for Emergency Travel Expense ($300 USD) and Theft/Hit and Run Protection ($500 USD). BG On The Road® roadside assistance is limited to two events for six months. You must be given a complimentary BG on the Road® card by a participating shop and activate the card to have coverage.


Agape Auto Service prides ourselves on having the most qualified technicians to work on your vehicle while also using the top quality equipment and products. Agape Auto Services uses BG Products to protect you, your family, and your vehicle. If you’re experiencing any issues with your vehicle’s performance, need roadside assistance, or would just like a routine inspection of your vehicle to prevent any issues, give us a call today or click here to make an appointment.