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Types Of Cars – Hybrids

Types Of Cars - Hybrids

Types Of Cars – Hybrids

In today’s day and age, we are so heavily reliant on vehicles. With so many makes and models, there aren’t many products that can satisfy the needs of all of them. Often times a few kinds of vehicles are often left out when product manufacturers are designing new products. One of the biggest types of vehicles that are left out of this consideration process, are hybrids. Well, thankfully BG has created an entire service specifically designed for hybrids. Before we discuss that though, we will first be discussing some signs that your hybrid needs help. 


Symptoms Your Hybrid Needs Help

Well, there are many signs that your hybrid may need help, but some of the most common, include, poor fuel efficiency, loss of power, slow response, and excessive smoke. If you are experiencing any of these, then your vehicle definitely needs some help. Thankfully there are a few ways that you can maintain your hybrid and ensure that it stays healthy. Today we will be discussing the BG MOA Oil Supplement, BG 44k Fuel System Cleaner, and BG Hybrid Performance Service.


BG MOA Oil Supplement

Vehicles are like humans in some ways. For example, we both need just a bit of extra help to keep our bodies in good shape and health. The same way we take supplements, our vehicles need to as well. BG’s MOA oil supplement is an additive. The purpose of this product is to keep piston rings from sticking, stabilizing oil viscosity, preventing sludge and varnish, reducing wear, and preventing increase harmful emissions. That’s not all either, these are just a few of the benefits that BG claims this product does. 


BG 44k Fuel System Cleaner

Choosing the right system cleaner can be difficult. Just like brake pads, tires, and vehicles in general, there are so many different kinds, that all have different benefits and disadvantages. So why should you pick BG 44k Fuel System Cleaner? Well, in a lot of the gas that goes into hybrids, are varying levels of detergents. These chemicals do assist with dirt, debris, and other particles that get in our fuel, which overall, helps our fuel system run smoothly and efficiently. Unfortunately, like many other vehicle owners, the lower quality gas is just what we put in. However, this lower quality gas has more dirt, debris, and particles in it that ones with higher levels of detergent. This makes our vehicles more susceptible to clogging and which will slowly decrease your vehicle’s fuel system efficiency. So how do we clean these out? Well, with BG 44k Fuel System Cleaner. 


The 44k is a potent detergent that cleans all the parts of your fuel system. Including everything from pumps, to fuel injectors. It also removes all of the dirt, debris, and particles we’ve been mentioning. Because it removes all of those damaging things, and also prevents carbon from building up, it lowers our vehicle’s oil consumption as well. This product performs very highly and keeps hybrids working very efficiently. 


Just like many other vehicles with internal combustion engines, hybrids need maintenance as well. The more modern combustion engines are more likely to develop carbon build up very early one. Drivers with twin-powered hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) should preserve the power and performance of their traditional engine just as they would an all gasoline powered vehicle.


Thankfully, the last product we’re going to be discussing today is specifically designed for hybrids. BG Products has now released the BG Hybrid Performance Service, this service removes carbon from the entire HEV fuel system and engine. 


If not properly maintained, HEVs expiration date on more power, better fuel efficiency and lower emissions, will come earlier than needed, wanted, or expected. 


HEVs are very efficient vehicles, when properly taken care of. However, to keep them at top quality, they require a high performance solution that just simply isn’t available on the shelf. 


The BG Hybrid Performance Service:

  • Maintains performance
  • Ensures optimum power
  • Reduces harmful emissions


Stop in our shop and ask us how a BG Hybrid Performance Service every 10,000 miles can preserve the performance of your hybrid.


Agape Auto Service prides ourselves on having the most qualified technicians to work on your vehicle while also using the top quality equipment and products. Agape Auto Services uses BG Products to protect you, your family, and your vehicle. If you’re experiencing any issues with your hybrid’s performance or would just like a routine inspection of your vehicle to prevent any issues, give us a call today or click here to make an appointment.