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The Bonus of Using Synthetic Oil in your Vehicle

The Bonus of Using Synthetic Oil in your Vehicle

Getting the oil changed in your vehicle is highly important to get longevity out of your engine. The purpose of oil in your engine is to protect all of the moving parts, without the oil the moving parts in an engine would create excessive heat, grind against each other, and potentially break causing catastrophic failure. That being said oil in important but what is it about synthetic oil that has people talking?

Synthetic oil is simply better when it comes to form and function. Synthetic oil lasts longer and can handle extremely high temperatures without breaking down making it ideal for high performance engines. Although synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil it is worth the upfront costs because synthetic oil lasts up to three times longer which equates to saving 15-24 quarts per year!  Derived in a laboratory, synthetic oil burns cleaner and produces less resistance in the engine. This allows the engine to gain horsepower and perform with more efficiency.

The biggest thing to remember when you decide to switch to synthetic oil is that you can switch back but why would you.  Synthetic oil may cost more in the beginning but when your engine runs efficiently you save money on fuel. Do your research and talk to a technician if you have any questions or concerns.