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How To Know If Your Car Is Experiencing Transmission Problems

How To Know If Your Car Is Experiencing Transmission Problems


Let’s be honest, vehicles have the tendency to face many issues, one of the major issues is a most typically a transmission problem. This issue is being classified as a more severe or a more major one because it typically eventually leads to multiple other problems your vehicle may begin to face. What many people don’t often realize is how severe issues like this can be. They are so severe they can potentially cause accidents. How? Well, many of the collision accidents that occur are due to problems like these, and if you don’t want to have lawsuits for a defective automobile brought against you, then it’s extremely important to check out any of the concerns you may be having about the functioning of your vehicle. It is our job to give you a sense of relief and knowledge when it comes to the proper maintenance tips for your vehicle. When you are looking for auto service shops in Maryland, please know we are here at your service.


Well, to begin, when we are discussing transmission, especially during this time period, you should know that they are run or operated by computers. This may sound a bit confusing, but please stay with us.  Computers like this are not only responsible for controlling your transmission but are also responsible for many other systems of the car. This means, if you are experiencing an issue in similar areas, such as the cooling system, or engine, it could potentially cause your vehicle to malfunction.


We’re sure you’re thinking about how it isn’t hard to detect a transmission issue in your vehicle. While that is true, we would also like to inform you that detecting the issue simply isn’t enough. If you are trying to get a problem repaired, then it is vital that you know the proper cause for it. However, the root of the issue isn’t as easy to detect, which is where it becomes tricky, and the perfect time for us to come in and assist.

When our highly experienced technicians do a deep investigation, we can properly analyze exactly what is causing the issue, where it is precisely coming from, what it can affect in the future, and why the transmission problem has happened in the first place.


We will begin today by telling you about the many different indicators that there is an issue with your transmission. To list a few of the most common ones; check engine light turned on, leaking transmission fluid, transmission slipping, grinding or shaking of transmission, grinding clunking, or even humming noises, etc. However, that isn’t all, we also have indicators that are less common, such as, clutch dragging, popping out of transmission from the gear, rough shifting, and jerks during acceleration, etc.


One type of indicator that we don’t typically think about is a smell. One of the indicators that are shown by smell is when the transmission fluid has a burnt odor, in addition to the odor, it usually also makes a lot of noise when your vehicle is either in neutral or even when the transmission jumps back to neutral.

Now that you have been informed about these indicators and issues, we want you to remember, even though you have been informed, you should still remember how vital it is to know the cause of the problem in order to properly solve it. You can only take the necessary steps and action when you know what truly caused the problem, as well as the other things our analysis will be able to tell you. You need to choose a highly experienced car repair specialist for any issues you may be facing or may face in the future with your vehicle.


In order to properly diagnose the issue, there are many steps involved, as well as many transmission diagnostic specialists whose sole purpose is to locate the core of the problem, and also further recommend the best possible solution for it. A technician who has a large amount of experience can also inform you about the estimated repair cost that you may face in attempting to repair your issue. You should always trust our highly experienced transmission and car cooling system service specialist in Maryland.

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