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Does Your Engine Get Too Hot?

Does Your Engine Get Too Hot?

Does Your Engine Get Too Hot?

Technology is always advancing, especially in our vehicles. With these advances and new needs of more modern vehicles, the engines run much hotter than previous versions. For reference, older vehicles usual temperature is around 180 degrees Fahrenheit. More modern and advanced vehicles usual temperature is 210 degrees but can be much hotter. Even with the advanced products like year-round coolants that are being designed to combat this, the modern vehicles engines are still much too hot. 


Today we are going to explain what this means, and how you can maintain and restore your vehicle’s engine performance.


What Do Warmer Engines Mean for Drivers?

All of the things we discussed above mean that while the advances in vehicles provide us with a wonderful advance performance, they’re more stressed than ever before.


When vehicles are brought into our shop, we typically see 2 processes that have happened. The first one being thermal breakdown, the second one being oxidative breakdown. In simpler terms, in thermal breakdown continuous heat is putting too much stress on your vehicle’s engine, and in oxidative breakdown oxygen is putting too much stress on your vehicle’s engine. Both of these breakdowns cause thick oil, which will trap even more heat, and cause your engine to get even hotter, and even cause deposits to form.


You may be asking yourself, well, is there a solution to this problem? Actually, yes.  A process has been developed by BG. This process is known as the dynamic engine restoration service. Later in this article we will talk about all the solutions to these common problems that are both quick and affordable. But before we discuss the solutions, lets discuss the issues or symptoms that might be showing that your vehicle has a problem. 


How to Know if You Need a Dynamic Engine Restoration Service

Well, there can be a lot of signs or symptoms that are showing that your car needs to be engine needs to be serviced. However, two of the most common signs are a loss of power, and additional exhaust smoke. While these are two common signs, they are not the only ones, and they don’t necessarily have to happen together. 


One other common sign that you may notice is reduced fuel economy. When you go to get gas you’ll notice it begins costing more to travel the same amount of distance. This alone should be enough to motivate you to bring your car into the shop, because service costs will also start adding up, costing you even more money. 


One of the last common signs we’ll be discussing today is your vehicle slowing down, or a loss of acceleration, or a loss of power in general. Which can be extremely dangerous – especially in a situation on a highway.

If your vehicle is exhibiting any of these problems, we highly recommend that you come and see one of our highly experienced auto service technicians.


Now that you know some of the common signs, let’s explain the process of the BG dynamic engine restoration service and how it actually works.


What the BG Dynamic Engine Restoration Service Does

When you bring your vehicle into our shop, one of our highly experienced auto service technicians will use many different BG products that are guaranteed to increase the performance of your vehicle.


We will begin the service by removing any oil sludge, and heavy deposits that have built up overtime and varnish. Removing all of the buildup helps restore your engine’s compression, which will also restore the power, and fuel efficiency. To go even further, the BG products our highly experienced technicians use are specially created to be completely sage for oil pumps, seals, and gaskets. That means you won’t ever have to worry about causing more unwanted or unneeded wear-and- tear to your vehicle’s systems and parts.


Agape Auto Service prides ourselves on having the most qualified technicians to work on your vehicle while also using the top quality equipment and products. Agape Auto Services uses BG Products to protect you, your family, and your vehicle. If you’re experiencing any issues with your engine or would just like a routine inspection of your vehicle to prevent any issues, give us a call today or click here to make an appointment.