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Dirt And Debris In Your Engine?

Dirt And Debris In Your Engine?

Dirt And Debris In Your Engine?

It is well known that gasoline is what provides our vehicle’s engines power, and that it is a very vital and essential part of our automobiles. But another benefit of gasoline is that while it is on its route to the combustion chamber, it acts also as a solvent that removes dirt and debris from both the intake port, and intake valve.


This dirt and debris can form a lot quicker than you might think, to be more specific, roughly within 20,000 to 25,000 miles, and it can actually cause serious issues to not only your car, but also to the economy because your automobile’s intake valve is unable to properly close. 


A more specific serious issue that this debris could potentially cause is a jam in your piston rings. This could happen because chunks of those built up debris can chip off and fall into the cylinder, ultimately leading to a jam in your piston rings. This can also cause your vehicles engine to burn oil that escapes past the jammed rings. Most modern cars use very little oil, this means that drivers do not typically regularly check engine oil levels, which can also lead to more serious and even catastrophic issues. 


With that being said, it is important to note that problems like this arise even on relatively good working engines whose valve seals are in pretty good shape. 


Many gasoline companies and car manufacturers attempt to sell you high-quality gasoline, that is said to have good detergents which help prevent carbon deposits from building up. While we agree that gasoline does maintain clean fuel injection systems, it is false that it helps prevent carbon buildup. 


However, as carmakers continue growing and learning, especially about some of these issues, like direct injection technology, for more modern models, problems like this could potentially diminish in the future.  A good example of this more modern technology to prevent issues like this in the future, is Ford. Ford has gone from direct injection only on its EcoBoost engines to dual systems of both port and direct injection.


Ford says that the dual system provides power, efficiency, and drivability gains. But along with all of these benefits, it will also have the added benefit of directly depositing into the intake ports when the engine is running in port injection mode. In simpler terms, this means the problem of oil baking onto the valve stems should be solved.


Unfortunately for the general population, who drive cars, gasoline quality is inconsistent. Because gasoline varies so much, when we are at a gas station and the gas at the pump varies in quality, the effects are inefficient ignition and combustion, deposit buildup, and poor power output. To add onto all of these unfortunate effects, small, high output engines that are extremely common, are also extremely sensitive to deposits that build up on fuel injectors, intake ports, on intake valves and in combustion chambers. 


BG Platinum® 44K® is 11 ounces of high-quality detergents that you pour right into the gas tank to restore performance and gas mileage. It vanquishes deposits in combustion chambers, intake manifolds, ports and on valves and restores flow in fuel injectors. Basically, it cleans the entire fuel system!


BG Platinum® 44K®


  • Restores performance
  • Restores fuel efficiency
  • Increases power output
  • Reduces exhaust emissions 


Agape Auto Service prides ourselves on having the most qualified technicians to work on your vehicle while also using the top quality equipment and products. Agape Auto Services uses BG Products to protect you, your family, and your vehicle. If you’re experiencing any issues with your fuel system or would just like a routine inspection of your vehicle to prevent any issues, give us a call today or click here to make an appointment.