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Car Battery Problems: When Is It Time For A New Battery?

Car Battery Problems: When Is It Time For A New Battery?

Car Battery Problems: When Is It Time For A New Battery?

Batteries are a very important part of every automobile. Few people know how to properly maintain or take care of their vehicles battery, which can save you a lot of money from battery services in the future. So how do you know what might be wrong with your battery, how to maintain it, how to fix it, or when to just replace it? Well, we’re going to tell you.


Caring For Your Car Battery


The last thing anyone wants to be concerned about is if your vehicle will not start due to your battery being dead. You can avoid many expenses that come along with battery failure and avoid the worrisome feeling of being stuck because your car will not start, by carrying out a 10-minute check-up along with a few maintenance tips.


To perform this check-up, you will need a set of wrenches, a post cleaner or side terminal, a hydrometer, and a cable puller. These supplies should be easily found in any of your local automobile shops.


We discuss this more in depth in another one of our blog posts that will be linked below. We highly recommend that you look over that article as well to see how to properly check and care for your battery if it isn’t quite time for a new one.


But, back to what we came here for, knowing if it is time to replace your battery.


It’s Time for a New Battery When You Notice Any Of The Following:


  • Check Engine Light

You should be very vigilant if your check engine light comes on, this light can be set off when your battery power is low or weak.


  • Slow Engine Crank

If you attempt to start your vehicle and the engine cranking is slower or more sluggish than usual and just overall takes longer to start, it could also be a sign that you need a new battery.


  • Battery Leak

If you check your battery and you notice corrosion around the posts (where the + and – cable connections are located.: ) your battery may be leaking. If you don’t properly remove the corrosion it could result in your car being unable to start.


  • Old Age

Thankfully, our car’s battery has a relatively long life, and can last even beyond three years, however, at the very least, we highly recommend that you have its current condition inspected about every year or so once it has reached the three-year mark.


  • Low Battery Fluid Level

Your vehicles battery should have a part of the outer casing that is transparent, the purpose of this is to be able to keep an eye on your battery’s fluid level. If the fluid level is below a certain area inside of your car’s battery it could benefit you to have not only your battery, but the charging system tested as well.


  • Swelling, Bloating Battery Case

If you check your battery and it has a swollen appearance you can most likely blame heat as the culprit. Unfortunately, while this might not seem like a large problem, but it significantly decreases your batteries life.


How could a battery drain overnight?

Batteries are more complex than you might think, and it is unfortunately easy to drain your battery even overnight. This can happen by doing something as simple as leaving on a light in your car or even a power adapter plugged in, which sadly zaps all the power out of your battery while you’re sleeping.


If any of these signs sound like things you are experiencing, we highly recommend you do the following:

  • Stop in for a complete electrical check.
  • Read up on our current battery deals and specials.
  • Test your car battery life with our Virtual Battery Tester.
  • Find the right Interstate Battery for your exact vehicle — at the right price.


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If you are interested in the article about how to check and maintain your battery, click this link here:

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