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The Causes behind Flickering Lights in an Automobile

The Causes behind Flickering Lights in an Automobile

Agape Auto Dim LightsHave you ever been driving your car and noticed the lights begin to flicker when you press the gas pedal? This is a pre-warning sign that there is something wrong in the electrical system. If this is happening to you now get to an automotive technician now before you are stranded. The two main causes for this electrical power loss are:

  1. Worn alternator: The alternator, named from the term alternating current, is a critical part of the automobile charging system it is accompanied by the battery and the voltage meter. The alternator works in conjunction with the battery to generate power for the electrical aspects of the car i.e. interior and exterior lights and the instrument panel. The lights flickering on your car is generally the sign that one of the three rotating plates is no longer generating electricity. Take your vehicle to an automotive parts store so they can test the voltage on your alternator. This will tell you whether the problem is a quick fix or a slightly larger one.Agape Auto Alternator
  2. Ground cables: When ground cables become loose or disconnected the on-board computer system will sense it. The purpose of the on-board computer is to shut down the car before further damage can be done to the engine or electrical systems. This could include problems with the ignition system, lights flickering, etc. It is best to bring your car to a professional so they can find where the loose or disconnected is and they can fix it properly.

Agape Auto Broken DownThe key to solving the problem of flickering lights is to act now. You don’t want to be stuck broken down on the side of the road. When an alternator breaks completely the automobile will draw completely off the battery until it is depleted leaving you with not only an alternator to replace but a battery too! Be proactive, get your automobile checked ASAP and remember to always drive safe!  Agape Auto Sign