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What Happens If I Wait Too Long For An Oil Change?

What Happens If I Wait Too Long For An Oil Change?

What Happens If I Wait Too Long For An Oil Change?

As drivers we’ve all experienced that moment that we are driving along the road, just focusing on what’s around us, and we notice the sticker in the very corner of the windshield that tells us when we should have our next oil change. Once you look at your odometer, you notice that your oil change is about 500 miles past due, oops.


However, taking your car to an automotive servicer is the very last thing you want to do, and often you may feel like you don’t even have time in your very busy week to even attempt to get an oil change. So, you think to yourself “I can probably stretch it out a couple more hundred miles”, what could be the harm in that, right?


The unfortunate truth is that if you ignore or delay having your oil changed, it could result in a disastrous situation.



If we want to understand why we should even change our oil, we should understand exactly what our oil does for our vehicle’s engine. Every vehicle’s engine needs oil, but not just any standard oil. Actually, every vehicle has its own specific kind of oil that it requires, and each vehicle has special requirements for the oil that it does use. There are four main types of oil, these are, conventional, synthetic, a blend, or high-mileage.


With time, your vehicle’s engine oil wears down. This unfortunately causes the oil to become much less effective for doing what it is supposed to, lubricating your engine and all of its complex parts, and absorbing heat.



This answer isn’t as straight forward as most people assume. There is a general rule of having it changed around every 3,000 miles, which is usually recommended by mechanics. However, many automobile manufacturers suggest a bit longer intervals, more specifically, about every 5,000 miles. If you put more of a special synthetic oil in your vehicle, some manufacturers might even suggest an oil change around every 10,000 miles or so.


With all that being said, the ultimate deciding factor for how often you should get your oil changed is your vehicles make, model, year, and other specifics. We have noticed that older cars oil change schedule is based more on mileage and typically will have maintenance schedules dependent upon  the number of miles driven per year. These are typically described or defined as “normal” or “severe service” plans.



As we stated above, over time, your vehicle’s engine oil begins to break down or wear out. This can cause some sever problems, as well as just making your oil less efficient as lubricating the engines parts and absorbing the heat. If you continue to run your vehicle and allow unchanged oil to run through your engine, you will eventually begin to face a long list of problems, ranging in severity.


Actually, if you decide to put off your oil change for too long, the thin, smooth, and clean oil you’re used to, will eventually turn into a filthy sludge. If you allow this to happen, your vehicle will have to work so much harder to attempt to fight through the buildup of filthy sludge. It loses almost all lubrication, and significantly decreases in heat absorption. This puts your car in a very sticky situation, allowing it to be susceptible to many different major issues.


If you put off having your oil changed for too long, these issues we’ve been discussing can be as severe as your entire engine locking up, which will ultimately mean that you will have to replace it. This repair can cost thousands of dollars. In this situation many drivers end up selling their cars to scrap yards because at that point it is just cheaper to buy a whole new vehicle.


These are very scary situations that no driver ever wants to be in. So, if you have been prolonging having your oil changed, it is imperative that you do it as soon as possible. We highly recommend stopping into our shop for all of your car needs.


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