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How and When Should I Replace My Brake Rotors?

How and When Should I Replace My Brake Rotors?

How and When Should I Replace My Brake Rotors?

Vehicles and the mechanisms inside of them can be a bit of a puzzle, and problems that come along with them can be even more confusing to figure out. These issues can range from little problems that are harmless and need little to no repair, like dust in the braking system that causes squeaking, for example, to larger more serious issues, that end up costing a fortune. While you should not be alarmed at every sound, sensation, or smell, some can be warning signs that you’re due for a brake repair.


Brake rotors are a very big part of modern day vehicles that we use, yet we don’t entirely think or know much about them as drivers. Without them, you could be hitting a bus, a mailbox, or even your neighbor’s cat. We overlook wear on our brake rotors way too often, which not only affects our safety, but our friends, family, passengers, other drivers, and our bank accounts.


Many drivers will happily just ignore the need for repair or maintenance on their brake rotors, or attempt to slap on a temporary “fix” that don’t actually fix them in the slightest. Don’t be one of these kinds of drivers. Your vehicles brake rotors have shelf lives, they don’t live forever, and you can become unaware of their daily use, but it is vital that you have them not only checked, but repaired when you need to.


One of the first questions you should start by asking yourself is why your automobile may need a brake repair in the first place. Even if you are not a highly experienced automobile technician, no matter what level you may be at, whether it be a beginner, intermediate, or pro, we believe it’s important to discover why your vehicle may need a repair, whether it be for brakes, or anything, from the beginning.


What Is a Brake Rotor?

Your vehicles brake rotor is a disc that is connected to your car’s axle. It can be made from your standard steel, or from carbon-ceramic, depending on the make and year of your vehicle. The rotors turn with your vehicles wheels  as your car moves.


What Is a Brake Pad?

Your cars brake pad is a small piece of material that slots into the brake caliper, and creates friction when pressure is applied while braking, because it clamps down onto the brake rotor.


How Do Brake Rotors Work?

Well, to break it down into a simpler way to explain, as we discussed above, the brake rotors turn with the car’s wheels as they are moving. When pressure is applied to the brake pedal, it either mechanically or electronically causes the brake pads to clamp down onto the brake rotor. Because of this, friction occurs, which is what allows your vehicle to slow down and come to a stop.


How Long Do Brake Rotors Last?

Brake rotos can have a long life, but as we discussed above, don’t last forever. Many steel brake rotors have the ability to last up to 70,000 miles. However, depending on how you treat or use them they could last many more or many less. While steel brake rotors usually need to be replaced every now and then, carbon-ceramic brake rotors are designed to last the entire lifetime for your vehicle, although, how they are treated and used also affects their long-lasting designs as well.


What Can Cause a Brake Rotor to Go Bad? (Optional)

Rotors can go bad for a few different reasons, but one of the most notable reasons, is usage. Depending on how you use or treat your rotors, it can affect your rotors life majorly. If you usually stop hard, rest your foot on the brake pedal, make bigger stops while the rotors are still cold, and environmental changes, like road salt, can also impact your rotors lifespan.


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