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Car Smells and What They Mean

Car Smells and What They Mean

Car Smells and What They Mean

The world is full of many strange or unusual odors. Sometimes they’re pleasant, like baked cookies, other times they are not so pleasant, like sulfur. However, car’s odors are much more important. Does your vehicle have a strong lingering scent? If you are experiencing an odor from your vehicle, your first reaction usually will be to scan the entire car for any food that may have fallen under the seats. If spoiled or rotten food isn’t the of the smell, there are many other reasons that might be the cause of the horrid smell. The last thing anyone wants is for their passengers to feel uneasy by the smell, or even question if your practicing personal hygiene. Even if you are the only one in your car, you need to find the source of the scent because air fresheners will only cover up what could potentially be a serious problem. 


  • Rotten Eggs – If the odor smells like rotten eggs (or sulfur), it could potentially be because your catalytic converter has gone bad. This could occur from either an engine, or emissions system problem, if this is the care, that made the converter overheat, which is causing the rotten egg smell.


  • Moldy, Musty Air – When you turn your vehicle’s cooling system (AC) on and it emits a musty smell from the vent, mold or mildew has most likely formed in the air conditioning system itself.


  • Burnt Paper – If you begin smelling burnt paper while driving, more specifically when changing gears, it could possibly be a sign that the clutch is burning off as it slips. This motion would create friction, which would burn the paper-based clutch facings. 


  • Burning Rubber – If the odor that is being emitted by your vehicle smells like burnt rubber it could potentially be due to either slipping drive belts or loose hoses, if this is the case, it means a component is rubbing against rotating accessory like drive pulleys, could cause a burned rubber smell. 


  • Burnt Toast – If you begin smelling an odor of burnt toast, it could be caused by a short circuit in either an electrical component, or overheated insulation. If this is the odor you are smelling, please take it seriously because short circuits and overheated components have the potential to be extremely dangerous, so dangerous that they may even cause a fire.


  • Gas Fumes – Smelling the odor of gas is completely normal while filling up at the gas station. However, if you are continuously smelling gas fumes, it could potentially be due to a gas leak most likely from either the fuel injector line, or gas tank. If you are experiencing a gas leak, it could be a fire hazard, so immediate action should be taken to resolve the issue.  


If or when you do smell any strange or unusual odor in or from your vehicle, do not ignore it. It is extremely important that you take your vehicle to a professional and highly experienced auto service technician and get an informed opinion on the cause and location of the odor. Strong, strange, and unusual odors emitting from your vehicle can not only lead to expensive repairs, but also health hazards, so these smells, where they are coming from, and the cause associated with them shouldn’t be ignored. If your vehicle is emitting a scent but it isn’t coming from any mechanical malfunction, then our highly experienced Maryland technicians can offer an extensive cleaning of your car can be done so your car has a more pleasant scent. One tip we have to share with you is the value of vacuuming, vacuuming is a great way to clear out of a lot of different bad car odors. In addition to vacuuming, baking soda, charcoal and other car care products can absorb odor and eliminate them from your car.


Of course, no one wants car issues or odors, but they do happen. If you or someone you know is experiencing any issues with your vehicle, we highly recommend you stop into our shop today for a consultation. We pride ourselves in having highly experienced auto service technicians who get the job done fast and right, the first time around. We are here to assist you with any of your automobile needs. 


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