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How to Prepare an Emergency Kit for your Vehicle

How to Prepare an Emergency Kit for your Vehicle

Agape Auto StrandedWe drive our vehicles every day whether it is to the grocery store, to work, or on a long distance trip. When we travel we often forget to be prepared for accidents and incidents that could potentially occur. We have compiled a list of recommended items to have in your car at all times. This kit will give you the tools you need to be safe than sorry.

Vehicle Emergency Kits should include:

  1. Roadside flares: this is to signal to traffic that you are on the side of the road and may need assistance. Also include in your kit triangle reflectors.Agape Auto Alert Traffic
  2. First-Aid Kit: this should be checked frequently and restocked if necessary.
  3. Gloves: work gloves or latex gloves.
  4. Oil: We recommend having 2 quarts of oil with you at all times.
  5. Jumper cables: This will require assistance from another vehicle but is used to jump start your car battery.
  6. Antifreeze: one (1) gallon
  7. Brake fluid: one (1) quart
  8. Fuses: you can buy packages of assorted fuses from a local parts store
  9. Blanket: this is a life saving tool don’t discount its uses including smothering flames
  10. Flashlight: make sure to include extra batteriesAgape Auto Roadside Emergency Kit
  11. Tool box: your tool box should include a Phillips head screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, vise grips, adjustable wrench, pliers, tire inflation device, tire pressure gauge, pocket knife, funnel, duct tape, paper towels, and rags.
  12. Windshield washer fluid
  13. Ice Scraper
  14. Food and water: Keep ample food and water in your car in case you get stranded for long periods of time.
  15. Spare tire: inspected for good tread and inflated with proper air pressure.

Having these tools in your car will give you the peace of mind that you can handle a roadside emergency. Be prepared and keep yourself safe if you need to wait for assistance on the side of the road. #roadsideemergencykit #safetyfirstAgape Auto Sign


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