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Checklist to pass the Maryland Vehicle State Inspection

Checklist to pass the Maryland Vehicle State Inspection

Agape Auto State Inspection StickerIt’s the middle of the month and that sticker on your windshield is going to expire soon. Are you ready? Have you made the necessary repairs to your vehicle in order to pass? Starting to prepare your vehicle now is the best way to ensure that you will pass a vehicle safety inspection. The purpose of state inspection is to ensure that vehicles are mechanically safe to be driven. This is to provide the community with a safe driving environment. That being said, as you look at your car with worn wiper blades and a brake light out, what do they check during the state vehicle safety inspection? Here is a list of everything that will be checked:

  1. First they check for your Vehicle Identification Number and your Odometer reading. Have your registration ready to avoid any hassle.
  2. STEERING: All facets of the steering wheel which include the column, and linkage. They also check the overall condition of the system.
  3. WHEEL ALIGNMENT: This involves checking the toe, camber, and caster as well as the rear axles.
  4. SUSPENSION: This includes inspection of the suspension system including but not limited to ball joints, and bushings.
  5. BRAKE SYSTEM: This is to ensure your vehicle stops in the correct distance. They also check your parking brake functionality.
  6. WHEELS AND TIRES: overall condition of the wheels and tires (dry rot, tread height etc.) as well as the condition of any repairs.
  7. FUEL SYSTEM: Fuel tank and line inspection.
  8. EXHAUST SYSTEM: Check the condition of the manifold and exhaust piping.Agape Auto Broken Tail Light
  9. BUMPERS: Height and proper mounting are checked here.
  10. FENDERS: condition and placement. Overall coverage of tires and wheels.
  11. LIGHTS: Inspect condition and function of all lights on the vehicle
  12. MIRRORS: condition and view of all mirrors.
  13. GLAZING (windows): whether tint is in the parameters of the law and on approved windows.
  14. WIPERS: Inspect condition
  15. HOOD/CATHCHES: Inspect function to ensure proper latching.
  16. DOOR/HANDLES: Inspect function to ensure proper latching.
  17. FLOORS/TRUNK PANS: Inspect for holes and excessive rust.
  18. SPEEDOMETER/ODOMETER: Check function and accuracy
  19. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: Inspect functionality of systems including but not limited to the horn, and battery cables.
  20. DRIVER SEAT: Inspect for presence, condition and proper mounting.
  21. SEATBELTS: Inspect for presence, condition and proper mounting.Agape Auto State Inspection Sign
  22. MOTOR MOUNTS: Check presence and condition.
  23. GEAR SHIFT SELECTION INDICATOR: To ensure the proper indication of position. (You really are is neutral when the gear shift indicator says your are)
  24. UNIVERSAL & CONSTANT VELOCITY (CV) JOINTS: Check for proper installation, excessive wear, and damage.
  25. EMISSIONS: This is where your catalytic converter is checked along with the air injection system, exhaust gas recirculation system, and the evaporative emissions system.

With this list you can start to prepare your vehicle for the inspection that lies ahead. If you don’t know how to check these components yourself make an appointment with your mechanic today. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Here’s to passing your inspection with ease!Agape Auto Sign


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